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LEGO 76139 76139
1989 Batmobile
LEGO 60045 60045
Police Patrol
LEGO 40338 40338
Christmas Tree
LEGO 4404 4404
Land Busters
LEGO 4842 4842
Hogwart's Castle

Recently added sets

LEGO 40434 40434
LEGO 45606 45606
Force Sensor
LEGO 80104 80104
Lion Dance
LEGO 80105 80105
Temple Fair
LEGO 2000710 2000710
WeDo Replacement Parts Pack

Recently added additional images

LEGO 76899 76899
Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO & Urus ST-X
LEGO 76139 76139
1989 Batmobile
LEGO 21320 21320
Dinosaur Fossils
LEGO 40361 40361
Olaf's Traveling Sleigh
LEGO 10267 10267
Gingerbread House


Welcome, our goal is to give you information you seek for. There are many lego and lego-compatible sets reviews in the internet, we find them and put them together, so you need to visit only one place to found them.
You could help us - if you see some error, or got improvement ideas, just write at Or if you found a set review, that is not in our database, just add it.

Recently added reviews

    Added reviews list

  Name Author Submit date Sets

Review: 75937 Triceratops Rampage
CapnRex101 2019-11-14
LEGO 75937

Review: 41376 Turtles Rescue Mission
MeganL 2019-11-14
LEGO 41376

Review: 76122 Batcave Clayface Invasion
CapnRex101 2019-11-14
LEGO 76122

Review: 76139 1989 Batmobile
CapnRex101 2019-11-14
LEGO 76139

Free reindeer at
Huw 2019-11-14
LEGO 40434


    News List

LEGO Set 60191 review - Artic Exploration team in snowLEGO Set 60191 review - Artic Exploration team in snow

Areas of eternal winter were attracting people for centuries, and one day explorers have conquered them. Now it is minifigures turn...

LEGO Festival "Summer Brick" 2019 (July, 20-21)LEGO Festival "Summer Brick" 2019 (July, 20-21)

This year, in the summer (July 20-21), the Smart Brick Club (Taganrog) decided not only to repeat, but to surpass its last year’s festival...

Summer Brick 2018. How it wasSummer Brick 2018. How it was

Dear friends. In 2018, the All-Russian festival of Lego creativity “Summer Brick” was held in Taganrog, in which adult fans from all over the country took part. The festival was organized - “Smart Brick”, Taganrog and Russian Fan Forum Lego, Moscow. In 2019, the Summer Brick Festival will meet visitors on July 20-21 and we are trying very hard to make it even more extensive and memorable for guests and participants. In preparation for the future of the festival I want to remember the best moments of the already held festival....

RFFLFest 2017 - Photo ReviewRFFLFest 2017 - Photo Review

We have written about RFFLFest some time before. I participated in this festival, so i could shred some light to the moments that weren't visible for everyone.

LEGO Batman Movie set 70906 Review - JokerLEGO Batman Movie set 70906 Review - Joker

I often write very big reviews, for even a small set, so now the set is pretty big, so we will make it simple...


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LEGO 10267 10267
Gingerbread House
LEGO 71044 71044
Disney Train and Station
LEGO 75252 75252
Imperial Star Destroyer
LEGO 21318 21318
Tree House
LEGO 75936 75936
Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage.
LEGO 75810 75810
The Upside Down
LEGO 75810 75810
The Upside Down

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