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LEGO 76104 76104
The Hulkbuster Smash-Up
LEGO 76108 76108
The Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown
LEGO 76105 76105
The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition
LEGO 76107 76107
Thanos: Ultimate Battle
LEGO 4055 4055
Value Bucket Medium

Recently added sets

LEGO ISBN197422516X ISBN197422516X
Warbirds and Air Pirates
LEGO 30525 30525
The Guardians' Ship
LEGO 40277 40277
Car and petrol pump
LEGO 891833 891833
LEGO 10875 10875
Cargo Train

Recently added additional images

LEGO 76105 76105
The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition
LEGO 10879 10879
Gentle Giants Petting Zoo
LEGO 10757 10757
Raptor Rescue Truck
LEGO 10756 10756
Pteranadon Escape
LEGO 75930 75930
Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate


Welcome, our goal is to give you information you seek for. There are many lego and lego-compatible sets reviews in the internet, we find them and put them together, so you need to visit only one place to found them.
You could help us - if you see some error, or got improvement ideas, just write at Or if you found a set review, that is not in our database, just add it.

Recently added reviews

    Added reviews list

  Name Author Submit date Sets

Review: 75885 Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC
Huw 2018-02-20
LEGO 75885

Review: LEGO 76099 Rhino Face-Off By The Mine
Jay 2018-02-20
LEGO 76099

Review: 70611 Water Strider
Ace Kim 2018-02-16
LEGO 70611

LEGO BOOST 17101 Creative Toolbox [Review]
Eric 2018-02-16
LEGO 17101

LEGO Elves 41192 Azari & the Fire Lion Capture review
Graham 2018-02-16
LEGO 41192


    News List

RFFLFest 2017 - Photo ReviewRFFLFest 2017 - Photo Review

We have written about RFFLFest some time before. I participated in this festival, so i could shred some light to the moments that weren't visible for everyone.

LEGO Batman Movie set 70906 Review - JokerLEGO Batman Movie set 70906 Review - Joker

I often write very big reviews, for even a small set, so now the set is pretty big, so we will make it simple...

LEGO Batman Movie 70911 Set Review - PenguinLEGO Batman Movie 70911 Set Review - Penguin

After reviewing 70906, I wanted to put my hands on another beautiful car, - Penguin's posh car. In my list of most interesting LEGO Batman Movie Vehicles, this one goes right after Joker's Lowrider, so as soon as I found a discount...

LEGO 6516 Review - Moon WalkerLEGO 6516 Review - Moon Walker

Hero of our todays review is smallest set from Launch Command series - 6516 Moon Walker...

LEGO 6110 Solo Sub reviewLEGO 6110 Solo Sub review

I am continue reviewing sets, that i bought last summer. There were reviews for 6567 and 6516, so now has come turn of 6110. I am a big fan of underwater series in general, and especially Aquazone...


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LEGO 21313 21313
Ship in a Bottle
LEGO 31071 31071
Drone Explorer
LEGO 70643 70643
Temple of Resurrection
LEGO 70642 70642
Klow vs. Samurai X
LEGO 70641 70641
Ninja Nightcrawler
LEGO 70639 70639
Street Race of Snake Jaguar
LEGO 70638 70638
Katana VII

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