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Mega Bloks and Blizzard: first preview - Battlecruiser set and Thrall microfigure

Mega Bloks has shown us the images of their first preview set based on Starcraft universe. This will be one of the most known symbol of terrans dominations - Battlecruiser, made from 1736 pieces. This set will be limited edition with only 3000 items.


To buy this set you should be Blizzcon attendee, have BlizzCon Virtual Ticket or DIRECTV subscribtion for Blizzcon. Rumors said that this set will be on sale for "a miserable price" of $130.

BlizzCon attendees also will receive exclusive Thrall micro action figure. So i think it will be included in BlizzCon Goody Bag.


Micro action figure is shocking awesome, but will be legs be movable or not could not be determined from the available image.
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