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Results of "Because we can!" LEGO MOC contest

Merry christmas everybody. And let congratulate the winners of "Because we can!" LEGO MOC contest. Small pause for the "solennité du moment", oh sorry for my french, ...

And the winner is kommunisten with this "Wireless electricity" and as a prize he will receive a 200$ value coupon for buying LEGO sets.


Next comes second place, and it goes to... Pikachu and his "Leonardo da Vinci Plane". Pikachu will receive 100$ valued coupon.


And in the difficult struggle third place goes to xodok's "Leonardo da Vinci Revolving bridge". (I think there are too much Leonardo da Vinci in this contest, may be someone thinks that Leonardo the only inventor ever lived on this globe). 33$ coupon goes to third place winner.

Also the winners will get free shipping of the sets bought by this coupons.


Users Dark_Alamez and кафкаф, that has taken 4rd and 5th place, will get a 10% and 5% discount coupons for buying in MyBricks shop.

So congratulations to the winners, and great thanks for all participants for their interesting MOCs.

Contest sponsors

Contest sponsor MyBricks e-shop.


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