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"Because we can!" LEGO Bulding contest. Final voting!

Hello, LEGO funs.

We thank everyone who voted in the first round, each your vote was important for participants of the contest. Now all votes of the first round are counted and seven finalists of LEGO contest "Because we can" are identified. You can look at the distribution of votes by clicking the LINK.


Recall the task of the contest:
"Recreate from LEGO details a scene,showing the moment of discovery/invention, which took place to be in the history of humanity. From the wheel invention to the computer invention. From Newton's apple to Schrödinger's cat".

The time to determine winners has come. Let's do it together! All who do not mind to be LEGO-judges, please, gives your vote HERE. You need to choose three the most worthy to enter the top three winners of the contest.
Selection of winners will last from Dec 9th to 23 December 2012 included.

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