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"Because we can!" LEGO Bulding contest. Voting has started!

Dear LEGO fans,

All MOCs for the "Because we can!" building regional (Russian) contest are checked. So you could see and comment all of them HERE. Please support the contestants with your comments, they deserve it.

Participants had to do the following task:

"Recreate from LEGO details a scene,showing the moment of discovery/invention, which took place to be in the history of humanity. From the wheel invention to the computer invention. From Newton's apple to Schrödinger's cat".
"Took place to be in the history of humanity" relates to the invention but not to the process of its creation, so as in most cases we don't know for certain how the process of invention, in fact, was made and, sometimes, even by whom invention was made. For example, all we know, wheel was invented, but no one really says by whom and how it was invented.

After the acquaintance we offer you to vote for the best works, that will go to the final round. "Because we can!" LEGO Building contest voting form is open now.

To vote please proceed HERE.
Voting will be live till 5th December, 2012.

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