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"Steampunk Machine" LEGO MOC Contest results

"Steampunk Machine" LEGO MOC contest now is over. Thanks for everybody who helped us to chose the best works. It wasn't easy. So let's see the results!

Our users have given 1st place to the Skyholm - the flying city LEGO MOC by fianat.


2nd place goes to interesting steampunk styled farm technic: Steampunk Harvester (by MasterNik1)


And the 3rd place has gone to Lawrence Bowles by Rhymes-Shelter


All winners will soon receive great prizes. Coupons for buying LEGO in NevaBrick.Ru .
1st place - 200$ (6000 rub)
2nd place - 100$ (3000 rub)
3rd place - ~33$ (1000 rub) .

Here you could look how user votes were distributed.

Great thanks to all contestants, not all of them have taken prize places but all of them were very interesting.
Contest sponsors

Contest sponsor is LEGO rarities shop - NevaBrick.Ru


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