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Consolation prizes for the "In a galaxy, far far away..." contest

We got many good works for the "In a galaxy, far far away..." contest. Many of them are builded by experienced builders. Although, results of first round of voting has shown, that Bricker users hardly could select the best one. So we wanted to award the contestants that will take the second and third place with some consolation prizes. And suddenly contest sponsor has write to us guessing our thoughts.

Administration of KinderLux shop so much liked this works, that they have come with unexpected offer: provide consolation prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.

Although this prizes called "consolation" only by the sponsor - KinderLux, they are so good that we could even hold a new contest with them. Judge for yourself:

Contestant that will take 2nd place in the contest, will receive

LEGO 9493 - X-Wing Starfighter


Contestant that will take 3rd place, will get

LEGO 9495 - Gold Leader's Y-Wing Starfighter


Administration of thank KinderLux shop for such a generous gesture. It seems that shop administration knows what's is what in building LEGO models and want to support talented builders.

So if someone hasn't yet voted for best works in a final round. Please come and do it.

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