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RFFL Lego Creations festival (July 09, 2017)

RFFL (Russian Lego Fan Forum) invites everyone to the LEGO Creations festival. Festival timed with 10 years of the RFFL community.

Guest can attend at 9th July from 14:00 till 19:00

Festival will take place at Photoplay studio :

Moscow city, Kalanchevksaya ulitsa, house 17 b.1, 6th floor, Studio #10
Metro: Komsomolskaya, Krasnye Vorota

In Festival programme:
Collective exhibitions of different themes: "City", "Underwater World";
Individual MOCs display;
Lego creation zone;
robot fights;
and much more.

Tickets fare: 250 rubles.

So if you will be at Moscow on July, 9, you know where to go.
BrickFan 2017-11-25 19:14
Shame i live in the USA, this is too far, but id love to attend this!
tkf 2017-11-25 19:34
BrickFan (2017-11-25 19:14:16)
There are many LEGO conventions that are great to attend. The closest is Brick Palooza. Brickcalendar has a great listing of them.
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