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Battleship seems to be new Kre-O series

Sometime ago was Hasbro's Investor Day 2011 and there were information about new Kre-O theme - Battleship. It is time to the release of the Battleship Movie in 2012, movie is based on Hasbro Battleship board game. Movie is trying to prove, that if you want to film a movie, you needn't any complicated idea, even a tetris will be good. This time it is classic "battleship game", that could be played on a paper with a pen.


Hasbro Battleship already was "bricked" in U-Build Battleship set, but it seems that Hasbro expects that new movie will show teens that not only computer games are fun. To make it something more than just battles of two armada, battleship will be fighting spaceships in the movie. So we are going to see beautiful sets based on naval and aliens topics.

As all we know, the main produce of Hasbro Kre-O sets is korean Oxford, so we shouldn't worry about naval sets, because Oxford release naval sets for a long time.

Anyway, it is strange that Battleship was announced insted of Kre-O G.I.Joe, G.I.Joe already has many fans and also having new based-movie released in 2012: G.I. Joe: Retaliation. In 2003 when Hasbro tried to compete LEGO with compatible construction toys by their Built-to-rule series, they released G.I.Joe sets, this sets were sold along with Transformers and Tonka lines, so it was expected that they announce G.I.Joe. But may be they announce G.I.Joe: Retaliation and may be G.I.Joe: Rise of the Cobra sets later in 2012. Hope to see them.
LegoDino1994 2011-11-14 05:40
Hey TKF,Why can't they do KRE-O Total Drama instead?
tkf 2011-11-14 06:06
I think here is two reasons.
Firstly it is not Hasbro toys, so they will get extra payments for licence, why should they bother if they had many popular their own licences, that doesn't cost them anything.
Second reason is a rating. Total Drama has PG rating and mostly is a sitcom, that is not very easy to make as sets.
It may be good for character toys, but not for building toys. ^_^ So i won't hope for Kre-o Total Drama.
Don't know about it's popularity in USA, but i firstly heard about it from you. :)
LegoDino1994 2011-11-15 04:18
TKF, Total Drama is a Canadian Animated Reality Show that aired on this channel called Teletoon. You have GOT to see this awesome show!
tkf 2011-11-15 04:47
Thanks, LegoDino1994, will put it on the watch list. At the moment there are Legend of the Galactic Heroes, one of the greatest anime space opera ever. I like the way they have studied into this fictional world, it seems that it is living by itself. Characters are like people, not muppets.
LegoDino1994 2011-11-15 05:43
TKF, How come LEGO doesn't do Anime such as Digimon & Dragonball Z?
tkf 2011-11-15 06:02
May be the reason is that LEGO targets US market, not Japanese. Although they have one anime series - Avatar, also Exo-Force is anime inspired series (don't know could we say that NinjaGo also was inspired by anime or not) .
Also sets based on many anime series could be not very interesting. Also Bandai has many anime licenses, and bandai always was collaborating with MegaBloks.
LegoDino1994 2011-11-15 06:52
I see. What are your thoughts on the all-new KRE-O Battleship sets?
tkf 2011-11-15 07:37
Nothing certain in the moment, coz not much info is available. I think ships will be smth like Oxford's NCM80000, but what will alien ships look like is uncertain. Sadly, i think i won't be able to lay hands on any of this sets, because KRE-O isn't selled here in Russia, shipping from US is not cheap, so it is better to buy some more LEGO or MEGABloks sets.
Also i think that KRE-O Battleship line should have a set like LEGO Table Games, it will be similar to old U-Build one, but it will try to concurrent with LEGO's board games. Hasbro already has a huge part of board games imo, so they could try to take part of LEGO Table Games market for themselves.
So if we will get board game in battleship series, then we should wait for something like Kre-O Monopoly, it should be a great thing imo.
Also Kre-O Battleship sets will look good with the Kre-O G.I.Joe if it will be released. At the moment military construction toys could be bought only from producers like Cobi, Oxford, Enlighten and their bootlegs. If Hasbro makes military line, it will be in shops all over the U.S. and so it could be a hard blow for LEGO.
P.S. I like LEGO minifigs and MB microfigs more than Kre-O ones. But chibi transformers are cute.
trainguy111 2011-11-27 08:00
One of my hopes for Hasbro is to do a My Little Pony: Friendship is magic toy line.
tkf 2012-01-24 21:56
@trainguy111, also would like to see MLP:FiM line, there are many bronies now outwhere, so if hasbro will hook them on their Kre-O lines it will be good for them IMO.
tkf 2012-01-24 21:59
Because of the upcoming UK Toy Fair 2012 we could see what one set will look like

Don't know why but it reminds me Oxford's NCM80000, although Oxford's ship looks better, but it seems to be proto, so may be final set will be better.
Image via ToyArk
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