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K`Nex is bringing Mario to LEGO World, other Nintendo games waiting.

K`Nex company has made a licence agreement with Nintendo company year ago. It allows creating K`Nex construction toys based on Nintendo video games.
The beginning of such fruitful collaboration is series of construction toys based on Mario Kart для Wiivideo game. There are 5 sets that are available on the official site now.But if look carefully, one may notice that there are only two basic models - bike(38001 and 38002) and racing kart (38003, 38004 and 38005). Only difference is colors, and included minifigures. According to K`Nex's press release there will be Princess Peach and Bowser minifigures lately, but know only three minifigures are available. There are Mario , Luigi and Yoshi.


Yoshi is the most rare of them. Mario and Luigi are available in two sets each. If you want to buy Mario or Luigi you could buy small set (costs 9.99). Yoshi is available only in bigger set.


The method of placing minifigures in the cart is kind of cheating. K`Nex may be thinking that legs are not needed than racing on karts. Hopefully they included legs in the sets, and we won't be disappointing so much as we was with some LEGO sets (the example of this is astrodroid from set 6205, it is in the fighter, but you couldn't take it out ).

To race with your friends karts have pull-back motors, so they are opposing last sets from LEGO Power Racers, but karts price is twice as any beginning set from Power Racer (for example set 8163 has number of pieces twice more as in K`Nex karts). May be the price is too big for a beloved character minifigure?

As a road you could use sets' boxes. It is not new feature, we had seen the same in LEGO Tiny Turbos series. Also you could download race tracks on official site and then print them. Unfortunately there are only straight track available at the moment.

Anyway this sets give us opportunity to meet beloved characters from our childhood, so we are wishing K`Nex good luck, and looking forward to see what they are preparing to us.

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