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McFarlane Enters Building Toys Market

McFarlane Toys known for their "not for children" figures from different movie and game universes, announced new building toys based on The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones TV series.

First Walking Dead sets appeared last fall, and now after a year McFarlane shows that won't stop production of building toys.

When you see this sets image first time, you think - What the hell? It doesn't look like building toy. It is so detailed.

They pretend LEGO-compatibility for set parts, but if we look carefully, we will find that most of the parts are very special, and could hardly be called building toy. It is more like plastic model. Fixed with glue, but look awesome.

McFarlane Toys known for big attention to details and for making their products for adults. So it seems logical that they've chosen The Walking Dead and Game of Throne series.

Possibility for LEGO or MegaBloks to release so child-non-friendly sets is low. (although MegaBloks has released Call of Duty series, that are very close to the Walking Dead, especially their Call of Duty: Zombies series, this sets are less detailed than McFarlane ones, but more playable and rebuild friendly). Both The Walking Dead and Game of Throme have large fanbase.

According to last tendency in toy market, we will get blind pack minifigures. (Everything to get out money)

Sets release are scheduled for this fall, and many stores already started taking pre-purchases for this sets.
Unfortunately, the chances to get this sets for review, here in Russia, are very low.

Information for already released and upcoming sets available in out database.

As shelf model this sets look awesome. But i think Todd McFarlane hardly knows what Bricks fans need. Does many of your allow your mocs and models be covered with dust on shelf? Anyway, fanbase for this TV series is so big, that this sets will be out of stock pretty soon i think. But bricks fans generally will prefer to buy new set that can be used for building "anything else"

You Know Nothing, Jon Snow Todd McFarlane
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