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Mega Bloks will release sets based on Warcraft and Starcraft

On June, 13 2011, Mega Brands inc. (the manufacturer of Mega Bloks) announced entering into a licensing partnership with Blizzard Entertainment. According to this partnership Mega Brands inc. will release construction toys based on World of Warcraft and Starcraft game universes. This is another computer game license that is received by Mega Brands inc, they have already licence that allows them creating of constriction toys based on Halo game universe (this partnership was prolonged recently, so we could wait toys based on recently announced Halo 4), that is the most successful license for the company.

World of Warcraft and Starcraft sets will be released will debut on Summer 2012, so we have a chance to see them on Toy Fair 2012, till then we should be waiting and guessing what sets will be alike and what is the vision of Warcraft and Starcraft in Mega Brands inc,.

LEGO enthusiasts make MOCs based on these game universes and dream about LEGO Starcraft/Warcraft, so they should be disappointed that this license has drifted away from LEGO's hands. But generally construction toys fans may like that twist of fate, because as everybody known price policy for licenced series in LEGO much worse than that in Mega Bloks.

Anyway, we hope that set designers will bring us wonderful sets.

Wail waiting for the set releases we could build our own MOCs or look at the gorgeous works of other authors.



tkf 2011-07-22 19:09
Interesting update from SDCC'11. There was seen a prototype of one MEGABLOKS 2012 set. Starcraft Viking.

(Click to see bigger image)

And yes, it will be transforming(not as these Kre-O Transformers). Of course it isn't nearly final, but i hope that we will see it released next year. Because it looks very similar to Viking in Ground Mode from Starcraft II.


Source goes
tkf 2011-07-29 17:15
Blizzard has announced their plans about upcoming Blizzcon at their blog . They are going to present all Megabloks sets line there. So we will have more information about upcoming sets after 22th October. Also there going to be Exclusive Megabloks sets with nearly 2.000 pieces. May be we will get Thor


Or some World of Warcraft village
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