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LEGO 271603 Review - Robin and his pedal wheel horse

And we continue our reviews Nexo Knights magazine promos. For the guys in tank, there is a child magazine, called LEGO Nexo Knights. It is overpriced, so to motivate the buying they put a small lego set as bonus. Generally we see big and touching labels like Limited/Exclusive Edition on these sets, the reason for this labels to appear is that these sets available only as magazine gift, and these magazine not available in every country. So you need to buy magazines, or search them at resellers. This set also has this cute label on it. Now we will talk about 271603 Робин Underwood - nexo knights academy freshmen student. Then searching social networks, most find Robin Underwood are girls, so I will think this name is unisex. Because he has a girl friend Ava. As final touches, our hero is techno-geek — fan of mechanisms and devices. I have written about the packaging features in previous reviews. Shortly - it is resealable and non transparent.

This time real set image is so big, that takes all bottom half, not a small square somewhere in the corner as usually.

At the background there is counter part used as scale hint. Ordinary it is a figure or a single part. So it is pretty unusual.

There are many parts inside the packaging, i've become used to having almost nothing inside.

Robin minifigure not very rare, but it is hardly can be called common. It appears in 4 sets, one if them is polybag 30372, that is pretty hard to find. In big 70326 - he is in closed armour, so we doesn't get his hair. So the only set where he is with hair and that isn't promo is 70333 Ultimate Robin.

Let's get back to Robin. As all Nexo Knights he is wearing exo-suit. Hero's trademark is Hen. It seems that he is bullied by older knights.
His face expression shows that he is eager to choose any problem he face.

Yes, i know, that i failed torso connection, didn't notice it at photoshoot session.
Torso has back printing. No printing on legs and hands. Legs are child, so no moving for them. Face one-sided and fully covered with hair on the back.

Know we will prepare our hero for working, because in this set we get an engineer, not a warrior.

"Thing" on hero's hand is called hand armour and a pretty rare one. The set to get most of this parts is 70168, where you will get (OMG!) 3 of them. I think that getting rare part in promo is pretty good thing.

There is a claw attached to it. I think this is some sort of pliers (anyway this part will look good at Steampunk MOCs). Our hero takes hammer to other hand. We all know that hammer is the best instrument for accurate tasks. Nexo Knight Engineering Corps is very old school.

The problem is that all this equipment is weighty, but you can't lean the Robin's torso back (his "childish" legs doesn't allow this) to compensate their weight. So if you won't put him on a baseplate he will always fall.

Today's task for Robin is to build a pedal mechanical horse, but that isn't a problem for him, so with help of strange hand device, hammer and bad language the work will soon be done.

And so it is done. It is something in the middle of wooden horse, bike, and shopping cart. Robin is a Nexo Knight Academy freshmen, but LEGO always plays around his childish. For example, set 30372.

Fairly common part 4865b in this colour is unique to the Nexo Knights series, and the only way to get it is from one of the sets.

Blue droid body not very common now, but it isn't rare.

Horse head is pretty interesting. It can bow, ears are moving.

Robin can ride his horse, but because of his "childish" legs he will ride standing up.

Corps of engineers presented by Robin are ready to move out. Rapid mechanical horse will smash anything from it's way, and Robin could add something with his Battle Hammer.

This set doesn't look as promo, it reminds good ol' impulses. (1749, 1747, 1954), of course they were packaged in small boxes, not packets. But this set have some of their soul in it.

Robin is an interesting character, horse is pretty strange, but it looks pretty Nexo Knightly. So this set have some Nexo Knights soul in it. It will be much better if it will be sold for 1$ in small carton box, but unfortunately it isn't available without paper bonus.


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