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Creation Date:

Set information 70906

Item Number:70906
Pcs count:433
Figs count:3
Release year:2017
US price:$49.99 (0.12 $/pcs)
Russia Price:ք4299.00 (9.93 ք/pcs)

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LEGO Batman Movie set 70906 Review - Joker

Review author sincerely thanks The LEGO Group for this set, because it saved me from becoming a tightwad. This set is pretty overpriced here imo.

I often write very big reviews, for even a small set, so now the set is pretty big, so we will make it simple:

This set is awesome. Thank you for reading. The End.

Calm down, it was a joke, this is set with Harley Quinn and Joker, we need more humour, to the God of Humour, you will get you TLDR text :D

So we begin:

The Lego Batman Movie 70906 The Joker's Notorious Lowrider set review

Set number: 70906
Name: The Joker's Notorious Lowrider
Release year: 2017
Pieces count: 433
Minifigure count: 3
MSRP: 49.99 (0.12 $/pcs)
Russia SRP: ~75$!!! (0.18$/pcs)

As soon as I saw first images of this set, I wanted to get it, because I thought that it isn't childish as many lego sets. So I wanted to review it (And get it in my collection of course).

This time I was a bit lazy, so all photo making process was done by Versen, I'm very thankful to her for this. I am so lazy. ;)

This set is based on the new "LEGO Batman Movie". In case of "LEGO Movie", I had a lot of scepsis in the beginning, but in the end, i happily sang "Everything is awesome". So i immediately wanted to have characters from it. I have seen "Lego Batman Movie" trailers for a couple of time now (This translation took a long time, so I have seen movie already). It look less childish than "LEGO Movie", but anyway it is full of different easter eggs and references. This set is like the movie, it also have references and easter eggs it in.

When I first came across the images of this set, one thought popped in my mind — "It is impossible, LEGO won't release pimpmobile. There should be any drugs, weapons, or something adult in LEGO sets, so how..."

I am very proud that LEGO is looking across different culture aspect, even if they are not familiar to children, at the same moment I was slightly astonished with it.

Also this set reminds me of Saints Row video games series. Third and four part of it has similar cars, and similar colour palette.

Hm, intro looks a bit long, if we continue that way, everyone will skip it, everybody want glossy pictures, so let's get closer to business.

And we will start as usually, from set exterior. Set box. Box is big, but we have seen bigger boxes from LEGO, but for such a small set it is pretty big. Its size similar to Macbook Pro 15 inches box. You can fit around 4 completed sets in such box. If you break them, ... i don't want to be sad, so let skip it. :(

On a box we see the set on a seaside, such seaside image (no set, just road and sea) you can get on official LEGO website. There is big and beautiful Batman on top of the box, unfortunately he couldn't come. (this is strange, because there is Batman in any set, except this and 70902).

Theme logos become bigger and bigger. In the corner we can see minifigures from this set. If City sets have character on the box side, licensed series tend to show them on front side. Clever move.


In the back LEGO shows us some set features. They also use orange background for images, what a coincidence. ^_^

Also there is a theme slogan — Build Something Batman. There is nothing Batman's in this set (Oh, here is Joker). Хотя Here Lego suggest us to build a Batman Low Rider, so everyone knew who is the most black on the streets.


Side image shows us the battle between Joker with Harley and Batgirl, also my most favourite scale hint. In bigger sets scale hint is minifigure, there is no Batman here, so they choose Batgirl.


Let's see what waste paper contents we get. Two big instructions for building one little car that could is very long. Also unfortunately for me, there are stickers in this set. It seems that this is the only stickers applied in my set collection. Some smaller LEGO sets like 60145 have more stickers, but with such price, LEGO could make printed tiles.


It seems that LEGO instructions become more simplified over time. Every step consist of one-two parts. I remember having couple step instruction for small sets before. :)

Some benefits: we got more SNOT now, also there is some technic like suspension in this set, made using rubbers (i understand that it will be hard to put normal suspension parts here).70905 also has no normal suspension. If we are talking about some untypical suspension, i want to remind about good ol' 6145, there were interesting part with spring, but this set suspension is different.

You can see it principles on photo below.


Also this instruction shows us action feature - shooting. Why LEGO need to put shooting in every set. It's annoying.


Let's keep papers away, and go to most interesting part. What is most interesting part in licensed set? Characters. We got three of them in this set.


Torsos have prints on both sides. Printed hands, accessories. There is event two sided legs printing for Batgirl.


Hold on, let me tell this in order. And we will star with main movie antagonist - Joker. (After seeing the movie i think that main antagonist of the movie is Batman, but who cares)

"I mean, yes, I am a master criminal slash improv comedy genius, but I’m also a nice guy"

Designers worked with many ideas before coming to final solution. (Sketch images here and later are from Blocks Issue 28. You need to look over all of them there).


Joker voice was taken from Zach Galifianakis, I think that also played a role in designers work.

Unlike other characters, Joker is pretty unique.


He is recognisable, but doesn't reference any movie or animation (Except LEGO Batman Movie of course). In this set he doesn't get his cape, also this set minifigure is unique, and can be found only here.

Color palette is similar to Burton's Batman (1989) (in fact this set has many references to that movie), but there weren't any skull on a tie in the movie. Also the face is absolutely different, no references or similarities.


Hands have cards suits printed on the, diamonds and spades on right hand, clubs and hearts on another. (Does it mean anything?). Joker's accessory is a "Bang" shooting pistol. It is the same one as in trailer. Unfortunately there is only one of them. (If you remember he got one in each hand in trailer).

Joker has interesting bite, one fang is seen, one eye brow is raised, he is surprised by something.


Hair is green (imo there is no reference to Suicide Squad here).

Small excursus. Any minifigure with such hair looks interesting and untypical. Similar hair was in Exo-Force series.


Let's get back to Joker.

His second face is smile, no it is SMILE. It isn't scary, or charming, it it sad. Sad clown smile. He is almost crying, this is so sad. I don't like this face.


So Joker get Award as "Most Sad Minifigure" of this set.

And we continue to the most brilliant minifgure of this set. Let me introduce charming Harley Quinn.

Excellent hair piece, with a hole on the top, hair piece is the same as in collectable minifigure. Face also seems the same. I haven't still bought one, so can't compare. But her torso in this is unique.

Main emotion is "crashing smile". With such smile you should break heads and crush cars.


Collar on a neck, and old shabby t-shirt with Smylex label on it, another reference to 1989 movie. Reference to movie without Harley Quinn. For now, the only movie with Harley Quinn seems to be Suicide Squad. (Yes, I know about great animations, I talk about movies).


She get roller skates and baseball bat as accessories. Interesting is it a Boogie Nights reference or not? If yes, my thought about car start looking more accurate :)

Why they put a bat? Why not a hammer? Harley Quinn use hammer in general, there was a bat in Suicide Squad, but LEGO Batman Movie trailer also features hammer. Where is my hammer? Oh, it is in upcoming 70916.

There are two pairs of roller skates. One red, another black. Great bonus for me. Roller skates are not very common. In red colour there appeared in this set.

On her back we see bowling with a bomb, there should reference saying that Harley always strikes.


It was hard for designers to make choice of final Harley shape.


I like the resulting one very much, it is awesome, so all Harley fans should rush for this set.

So the "Most Awesome Minifigure" award goes to Harley.

And now the final minifigure. Batgirl, or Barbara Gordon.

Long long ago, in distant 1967, there were a bit strange Batman TV series’а (it is mentioned by Alfred in trailer). And there in third season appeared Batgirl, portrayed by Yvonne Craig.


One look on the image above shows the roots of current LEGO Batgirl.

Colour palette, images... Everything is similar. Mask with special stud for pony tail. Why there is stud, why not a hole like in Harley's hair, I don't get it. Loose hair of original transformed into pony tail.Mask partially printed on her head, so you can't change hair and torso to get ordinary Barbara Gordon.


There is utility belt (and another one as extra, to lend to Batman I think, to Batman that isn't in this set), cape and two yellow! batarangs as her accessories. Yellow batarangs available only in this theme. So to get them you need either this set or 70902. Minifigure here and in 70902 is identical.


Two faces, smily and tense. Two sided legs printing is rare i think.


Without mask, and with another hair piece she could be used as Jean Grey from X-Men. It give sense to mask printed on a face. Slightly different colour, but I think that is not critical.


The most strange for me, is how always white Batgirl has become a mulatto. So the "Most tolerant minifigure" award goes to Barbara.

And now the part that took 400+ piece - monstrous Joker's lowrider. Turn on War's song and continue reading.

But first another let’s find another reference to the movie from 1989.

Carefully look at the cars below, especially at colours, don't you think that LEGO Designers were inspired by them. This cars are of Joker's gang. So it fully logical that Joker get similar car, but more customised one.


This car is really long, I realise it only then I saw it in reality. It is as long as limo — around 30 studs long.

Low riders culture is most about making visual appeal, lowered chassis, colourful design,13-inch wire-spoke wheels with whitewall tires, pneumatic. There is even bottom protector in the back.

This car is a low-rider. Media has shown as that many categories of people like low-riders, among them — drug dealers, pimps, gangsta. It gives us a clue about Joker's income sources.


If you look from the side, seems that car is proportional, it is a lie, it is longer than needed and looks like limo.


Great stereo system, zebra-men (from 70907) leather upholstery. ( Croc is a supplier I think)


Joker Car's der Schild is a hen. (Why hen?!!!)

Car registration plates are different in front and back. Front one has "Joker" on it, but according to style it will better suit Harley, not Joker.


There is a big clown's horn, without sound. (it was better to make "sounder" instead of shooters).


There is a spare wheel on the back. Wheels are non common, so it is good that there is a spare one. What if we puncture a tire?


Trunk can be opened. If the hood and doors also can be opened, it will be great, but unfortunately... :( Inside you can see a action feature, green unidentified flying charges, possibly from kryptonite.

Another vehicle plate has "Ha-ha-ha" on it. So everybody should know who is catching up with them, and what does he think then he is outriding them.


And here is a photo of our wonderful rubber suspension.


Shooting triggers are located near stereo, at car back. It is strange that so long car has only two places in it. I think that if they made a hood shorter they can put another row, because they need a place for batgirl.


Seats can be adjusted, and this is great. Two minifigures fit nicely, and don't disrupt each other.


But you pay for it with car width — enormous 8 studs, all 6-stud fans are wailing of annoyance.

Steering wheel location is pretty strange. It looks like Joker can use only one hand for steering, anyway it is lowrider, you steer one hand, and wave another in the window. Everybody should know who is riding. You can fit third minifigure beside the seats, with a little endeavour.


Car is pretty tall, especially for a lowrider. If you put minifigures near it, they look like children near parent's car.


Interesting fact, you can put a minifigure in a trunk, but it won't close, you can't close it even with just minifigure head, Joker definitely will have problems while getting rid of corpses.


Most interesting part of this car, except lowrider subculture reference, is a suspension. I played with it like a child. It is hard to make classic three wheel ride with it, but still possible.

Main problem is that it often automatically resets wheel positions. Everything is normal, and whoops, it is not as good as before.


Suspension problem is that it connect each side wheels. It it easily to make side wheels lowered, but if you want to lower front, or back wheel, or even one wheel, it become unstable. You can make a photo of it, but it is hard to play with.


Now, it is very very important not to get under the car, or if it get lowered when you are under it, it won't be your lucky day.


I'm joking, default position is not lowered, so Joker won't be hurt. Batman has all chances to send him to hospital himself.

Batgirl is waiting for Harley and Joker, to make a sudden attack, but I'm pretty sure that Harley will easily hit the batarang and make home run after it.


Let's get to conclusion. I agree with most of reviewers, this set is awesome, although it doesn't cost its price.

You can bricklink all minifigures for less than 15 dollars. Yes, there aren't many violet sets, and it is good, but 75$ really ? (US readers, your price is much better, but you have all LEGO sets cheaper than here, so may be it is also overpriced for you?) Are you crazy one? For a $50 MSRP there was a 70808 in LEGO Movie.

I like the set, I like the minifigures, and I'm happy with this set, so i will say, if you can buy this set for cheap, buy it. It is really interesting and uncommon. But it's positioning and box size doesn't correspond with what you will get.

Car has own disadvantages, it is too long, they could make it short, some strange moments in interior, also self resetting suspension is pretty annoying, but despite this I played with it like a child, so it can be count as big advantage.

This set, and awesome 70911 will both look great on shelf. If you are going to put sets on shelf of course.

Children will have fun playing with this set, even if they won't understand this set references.

MOCers will like minifigures, and violet pieces.

So I will end now. Don't know is it good review or not, anyway thanks for reading.


BrickFan2017-11-25 18:41:58
I'm so going to be getting this to add to my new Joker Manor set
tkf2017-11-25 19:30:01
BrickFan (2017-11-25 18:41:58)
Joker Manor is incredible set. I believe Friends are Family Joker will match this car better than ordinary one.
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