Mario and Luigi Starting Line Building

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Bring Mario Kart Wii to life! Race Mario and Luigi from the Starting Line of the Bowser's Castle Track. The set includes the parts to build Mario and Luigi, 2 Sprinter Karts with super-fast, battery-powered motors, a buildable Thwomps obstacle and 2 collectible items from the game: a Mushroom and a Star! Also includes 16 pieces of buildable, interconnectable track that creates a closed loop - combine this set with other sets from the Mario Kart Wii Series to build even bigger tracks! *Build Mario in his Sprinter Kart and Luigi in his Sprinter Kart *Buildable Starting Line *Buildable Thwomps obstacle with slamming action *2 Super-fast, battery-powered motors for karts *2 collectible items: Mushroom and a Star *16 pieces of buildable track create a closed loop *Ages 6+
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    Mario & Luigi Starting Line Building Set (2011)
    BrickShow Jason Forthofer
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