Hello Kitty Blind Pack

Item Number:10826U
Pcs count:3
Figs count:1
Release year:2011
Price in US:2.49 (0.83 $/pcs)
Price in Russia: -
Dimensions:0 x 0 x 0 cm

Collect a Hello Kitty for every occasion! Hello Kitty brings a new adventure to you with every costume she wears. With the Hello Kitty Mystery Pack from Mega Bloks you will get a new Hello Kitty figurine, no one will know which one until it’s opened! Surprise your child with a new Hello Kitty figurine so they can create new adventures together! Hello Kitty comes in several outfits, from outdoors and sports to parties and indoor fun! Collect them all, each pack has a new Hello Kitty in it!

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  • 1 themed Hello Kitty mystery character with special costumes and accessories

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