Army Missile Battle

Item Number:2821
Pcs count:330
Figs count:3
Release year:2011
Price in US:20.99 (0.06 $/pcs)
Price in Russia: -
Look alive and hit the dirt because the action is about to pick up! The Stealth rangers and the True Heroes are locked in combat and only you can decide the winner with the Mega Bloks True Heroes Army Missile Battle! Stealth rangers ride into battle with the heavily armed Armoured Car, designed with radar-stopping technology and dual-gun mount capable of a duo of machine gun and light cannon fire! As the True Heroes take cover behind a war-torn battlement, they respond with the Long Range Missile Carrier! This large 4x4 all-terrain truck is designed with Mega Bloks Camo Effect blocks to blend in with its surroundings, and carries a multi-directional missile launcher with four long-range missiles! Can the Carrier take out the Armoured Car before it gets too close? Engage in the fight that's larger than life and protect the world from Stealth with True Heroes! The Mega Bloks True Heroes Army Missile Battle buildable playset features: *Buildable Stealth Armoured Car and True Heroes Missile Carrier *1 Buildable Battlement *2 True Hero Action Figure, 1 Stealth Action Figure *5 weapons and 3 anti-tank obstacles
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