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Part List

Item Number Name
babw001 babw001 WW2 US Gunner Vest
babw002 babw002 WW2 US Ranger Vest
babw003 babw003 WW2 US Rifleman Vest
babw004 babw004 WW2 US Command Vest
babw005 babw005 WW2 US Scout Vest
babw006 babw006 WW2 British Pattern '37 Vest
babw101 babw101 WW2 German Gunner Vest
babw102 babw102 WW2 German Command Vest
babw103 babw103 WW2 German Grenadier Vest
babw104 babw104 WW2 German Ranger Vest
babw105 babw105 WW2 German Rifleman Vest
babw106 babw106 WW2 German Paratrooper Vest
babw201 babw201 LCV - Rifleman
babw202 babw202 LCV - Recon
babw203 babw203 LCV - SAW
babw204 babw204 LCV - Sidearm
babw301 babw301 PCV - Commando
babw302 babw302 PCV - Operator
babw303 babw303 PCV - Signal
babw304 babw304 PCV - Specialist