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Item Number Name
bawp001 bawp001 Bat
bawp002 bawp002 Battle Axe
bawp003 bawp003 Bayonet
bawp004 bawp004 Chainblade
bawp005 bawp005 Claymore
bawp006 bawp006 Combat Knife
bawp007 bawp007 Cricket Bat
bawp008 bawp008 Dadao
bawp009 bawp009 Damien
bawp010 bawp010 Glaive
bawp011 bawp011 Havoc Blade
bawp012 bawp012 Killstrike Saber
bawp013 bawp013 Kukri Knife
bawp014 bawp014 Machete
bawp015 bawp015 Rapier
bawp016 bawp016 Survival Knife
bawp017 bawp017 Tactical Sword
bawp018 bawp018 Cimmerian Axe
bawp019 bawp019 M1860 Saber
bawp020 bawp020 V42 Stiletto
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