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Part List

Item Number Name
23230pb01 23230pb01 Duplo Carrots with Green Leaves Pattern
23230pb02 23230pb02 Duplo Carrots with Bright Green Leaves Pattern
65157 65157 Duplo Cake
65157pb04 65157pb04 Duplo Cake with Rainbow Frosting and Stars on Top Pattern
65157pb05 65157pb05 Duplo Cake with Bright Light Blue, Bright Light Yellow, and Bright Pink Frosting, Silver Sparkles and Dots Pattern
65188pb01 65188pb01 Duplo Cupcakes with Molded Bright Light Yellow Swirl Icing Pattern
65188pb02 65188pb02 Duplo Cupcakes with Molded Bright Pink Swirl Icing Pattern
65188pb03 65188pb03 Duplo Cupcakes with Molded Bright Pink Swirl Icing and Printed Bright Light Yellow and Light Aqua Dots Pattern
72601c01 72601c01 Duplo Bamboo Steamer with White Baozi Dumplings
72601pb01 72601pb01 Duplo Bamboo Steamer with Molded White Baozi Dumplings Pattern