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Item Number Name
01642pb01 01642pb01 Minifigure Jetpack with Wings, Black and Yellow Danger Stripes, Dark Red and Dark Bluish Gray Details Pattern
10183pb01 10183pb01 Minifigure, Wings Fairy with Black Oval Lines Pattern
15406pb01 15406pb01 Minifigure, Backpack with Horizontal Pin Holes with Yellow Danger Stripes and Gold Lightning Reactor Pattern (Sticker) - Set 70731
15504pb02 15504pb02 Minifigure, Costume Tail Cat with Gold Belt Pattern
15504pb03 15504pb03 Minifigure, Costume Tail Cat with Dark Orange Leopard Spots Pattern
15504pb04 15504pb04 Minifigure, Costume Tail Cat with Black Tiger Stripes Pattern (BAM)
15504pb05 15504pb05 Minifigure Costume Tail Cat with Black Tip and Medium Azure Rosettes Pattern
15504pb06 15504pb06 Minifigure Costume Tail Cat with Black Tip and Thick Tiger Stripes
15504pb08 15504pb08 Minifigure Costume Tail Cat with White Tip Pattern
15504pb09 15504pb09 Minifigure Costume Tail Cat with Black and Medium Lavender Rosettes Pattern
18277pb02 18277pb02 Minifigure, Costume Tail Fluffy with White Tip Pattern
18277pb03 18277pb03 Minifigure Costume Tail Fluffy with Dark Red Stripes Pattern
18827pb04 18827pb04 Minifigure Armor Space with Shoulder Protection and 2 Clips with Gold Classic Space Logo Pattern
18832pb02 18832pb02 Minifigure Costume Tail Horse with Blue Ends Pattern
18832pb03 18832pb03 Minifigure Costume Tail Horse with Coral Hair Pattern
19888pb02 19888pb02 Minifigure Cape Cloth, Standard - Spongy Stretchable Fabric with Black and Dark Red Sides (Moff Gideon)
20551pb01 20551pb01 Minifigure, Cape Cloth, High Rounded Collar with Dark Azure and Black Sides (Lando Calrissian)
24087pb02 24087pb02 Minifigure, Skirt Plastic, Ruffled (Ballerina Tutu) with Red Half Pattern
24087pb03 24087pb03 Minifigure, Skirt Plastic, Ruffled (Ballerina Tutu), White and Dark Pink Panels, Silver Stars, Orange Border Pattern
24699pb01 24699pb01 Minifigure, Robe Cloth, Split in Front Long with Dark Blue and Blue Sides
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