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Item Number Name
970c00pb824 970c00pb824 Hips and Legs with SW Robe with Dirt Stains and Black Leggings Pattern
970c00pb825 970c00pb825 Hips and Legs with Ends of Scarf and Low-Hanging Belt Pattern
970c00pb826 970c00pb826 Hips and Legs with Dark Brown Belt and Reddish Brown Holster Belt Pattern
970c00pb827 970c00pb827 Hips and Legs with Sand Green Knee Pads and Overcoat Extension Pattern
970c00pb828 970c00pb828 Hips and Legs with Crossed Dark Tan Belts with Belts on Knees and Overcoat Extension Pattern
970c00pb829 970c00pb829 Hips and Legs with Light Bluish Gray and Gold Armor Panels with Orange Circuitry Pattern
970c00pb830 970c00pb830 Hips and Legs with Turtle Shell and Dark Bluish Gray Knee Pads Pattern
970c00pb831 970c00pb831 Hips and Legs with Dark Bluish Gray Belt and Black Knee Pads Pattern
970c00pb832 970c00pb832 Hips and Legs with Sand Green Knee Pads and Mud Stains Pattern
970c00pb833 970c00pb833 Hips and Legs with Red Boots, Black Outlined Pockets and Laces, White Soles Pattern
970c00pb834 970c00pb834 Hips and Legs with SW Belt and Holster with Silver Buckle, Belt on Knee and Creased Pattern
970c00pb835 970c00pb835 Hips and Legs with Black Boots and Yellow Knee Pads Pattern
970c00pb836 970c00pb836 Hips and Legs with Dark Red Armor Pattern
970c00pb837 970c00pb837 Hips and Legs with Red Shorts and Yellow Stripes Pattern (Plastic Man)
970c00pb838 970c00pb838 Hips and Legs with Vest Bottom Pattern (Will.i.am)
970c00pb839 970c00pb839 Hips and Legs with Reddish Brown Long Scarf Ends with Gold and Dark Brown Trim Pattern
970c00pb840 970c00pb840 Hips and Legs with Long Robe Ends, Bright Green and Bright Light Blue Design Pattern
970c00pb841 970c00pb841 Hips and Legs with Lime and Black Belt with Dots and Pockets Pattern
970c00pb842 970c00pb842 Hips and Legs with Yellow Apron Pattern
970c00pb843 970c00pb843 Hips and Legs with Pocket and Dark Bluish Gray and Dark Tan Belts Pattern
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