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Item Number Name
28680pb05c01 28680pb05c01 Torso, Modified Short with Smooth Armor Breastplate with Shoulder Pads and Red Armor Plates, Silver Edges and Lime Swirl Pattern / Black Arms / Black Hands
973p25newc01 973p25newc01 Torso Hospital Red Cross Shirt and Stethoscope Pattern, Inside with Ribs (Reissue) / White Arms / Yellow Hands
973p34newc01 973p34newc01 Torso Pirate Open Jacket over Striped Vest and Belt Pattern, Inside with Ribs (Reissue) / Blue Arms / Yellow Hands
973p52newc01 973p52newc01 Torso Space White Harness and Chest Panel with Rivets Pattern (Blacktron I), Inside with Ribs (Reissue) / Black Arms / Black Hands
973p90new2c10 973p90new2c10 Torso Space Classic Moon Logo High on Torso Pattern, Inside with Ribs (second reissue) / Orange Arms / Orange Hands
973pb0317ac01 973pb0317ac01 Torso Harry Potter Sweater and Tie Gryffindor Colors with Pendant Necklace Pattern / Dark Bluish Gray Arms / Light Nougat Hands / LEGO logo on Back
973pb2342c02 973pb2342c02 Torso Argyle Sweater with White Shirt Collar and Button Pattern / Medium Nougat Arms / Light Nougat Hands
973pb2342c03 973pb2342c03 Torso Argyle Sweater with White Shirt Collar and Button Pattern / Medium Nougat Arms / Reddish Brown Hands
973pb3096c02 973pb3096c02 Two Pocket Shirt with Red Bandana and Light Nougat Neckline Pattern / Medium Blue Arms / Yellow Hands
973pb3159c02 973pb3159c02 Torso Town Vest with Pockets, Back Creases and Blue Striped Tie over White Collar Shirt Pattern / White Arms / Light Nougat Hands
973pb3527c01 973pb3527c01 Torso Shirt with Sunset and Palm Trees, Red Buttons without Back Print Pattern / Medium Blue Arms / Yellow Hands
973pb3528c01 973pb3528c01 Torso Shirt Torn Off Sleeves, Buttons on Pockets without Back Print Pattern (BAM) / Yellow Arms / Yellow Hands
973pb3529c01 973pb3529c01 Torso Hooded Sweatshirt with Pocket, Drawstring and Minifigure Skull without Back Print Pattern (BAM) / Magenta Arms / Yellow Hands
973pb3530c01 973pb3530c01 Torso Female Shirt with Buttons, Orange Belt, Buckle, Lime and Orange Patches Pattern / Dark Purple Arms / Lime Hands
973pb3541c02 973pb3541c02 Torso Sweater with Red Horizontal Stripes Pattern / Light Nougat Arms / Light Nougat Hands
973pb3548c02 973pb3548c02 Torso Shirt with Dark Turquoise and Dark Pink Vertical Stripes Pattern (BAM) / Dark Pink Arms / Yellow Hands
973pb3567c02 973pb3567c02 Torso Police with Harness, Gold Star Badge, Belt and 'POLICE' on Back Pattern / Yellow Arms with Dark Blue Short Sleeves Pattern / Dark Bluish Gray Hands
973pb3589c01 973pb3589c01 Torso Robe with Yellow Lining, Hufflepuff Badge and Yellow Shirt Pattern / Black Arms / Dark Bluish Gray Hands
973pb3590c01 973pb3590c01 Torso Female Jacket with Dark Blue Collar, Gold 'FD' and Shirt Diagonal Stripes Pattern / Dark Blue Arms / Black Hands
973pb3591c01 973pb3591c01 Torso V-Neck Sweater, Red Shirt and Belt Pattern / Dark Red Arms / Light Nougat Hands
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