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Plant Leaves 6 x 5 Swordleaf with Clip (thick open O clip)


Sets with this part (from Bricklink)

  Part color Green

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
4041140411 Creative Fun 12-in-120202
4042640426 Christmas Wreath 2-in-120208
4190641906 Pencil Holder20204
6026260262 Passenger Aeroplane20202
7043570435 Abandoned Prison of Newbury20202
7594275942 Velociraptor Plane Chase20202
4116141161 Aladdin's and Jasmine's Palace Adventures20192
7593675936 Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage.20191
7611776117 Batman Mech vs. Poison Ivy Mech 20193
1075810758 T. rex Breakout20181
7065770657 Ninjago City Docks20181
4114941149 Moana's Island Adventure20171
4115041150 Moana's Ocean Voyage20172
6015360153 People Pack - Fun at the Beach20173
6015660156 Jungle Buggy20171
6015760157 Jungle Starter Set20171
6015860158 Jungle Cargo Helicopter 20172
6016060160 Jungle Mobile Lab20172
6016160161 Jungle Exploration Site20172
6016260162 Jungle Air Drop Helicopter20178
7060870608 Master Falls20172
7062070620 NinjaGo City20172
7060470604 Tiger Widow Island20166
7582375823 Bird Island Egg Heist20162
7074970749 Enter the Serpent20152
7075270752 Jungle Trap20152
891508891508 Anacondrai Hideout20151
4101941019 Turtle’s Little Oasis20131
7011370113 CHI Battles20132
58875887 Dino Defence HQ20124

  Part color Trans-Light Blue

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7013570135 Cragger's Fire Striker20142
LOC391409LOC391409 1

  Part color Lime

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
2132221322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay20206
4139741397 Juice Truck20201
4142141421 Baby Elephant Jungle Rescue20202
4142441424 Jungle Rescue Base20203
4317043170 Moana's Ocean Adventure20201
4318343183 Moana's Island Home20203
2131621316 The Flintstones20193
4137441374 Andrea's Pool Party20195
4137541375 Heartlake City Amusement Pier20193
4137641376 Turtles Rescue Mission20191
4138041380 Lighthouse Rescue Centre20193
4138141381 Rescue Mission Boat20192
7593675936 Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage.20194
471801471801 Dolphin and Crab20181
7610376103 The Corvus Glaive Thrasher Attack20181
4114941149 Moana's Island Adventure20171
4115041150 Moana's Ocean Voyage20172
6016260162 Jungle Air Drop Helicopter20172
561607561607 Happy Beach20161
7582575825 Piggy Pirate Ship20161
4015840158 Pirates Chess Set20153
4109941099 Heartlake Skate Park20152
50030825003082 Classic pirate minifigures20153
561508561508 Turtle in the Tropics20151
7041070410 Soldiers Outpost20151
7041170411 Treasure Island20152
7041270412 Soldiers Fort20153
7603576035 Jokerland20152
3011430114 Andrea’s Beach Lounge 20141
4103241032 First Aid Jungle Bike20142
4103341033 Jungle Falls Rescue20142
4103641036 Jungle Bridge Rescue20142
4103841038 Jungle Rescue Base20145
4104141041 Turtle’s Little Paradise20141
4104541045 Orangutan’s Banana Tree20142
4105941059 Jungle Tree Sanctuary20145
7013470134 Lavertus' Outland Base20145
7013670136 Banana Bash20142
1190411904 Brickmaster Legends of Chima: The Quest for Chi parts20132
50027735002773 Brickmaster Legends of Chima: The Quest for Chi20132
7001070010 The Lion CHI Temple20131
7010470104 Jungle Gates20134
7010570105 Nest Dive20134

  Part color Bright Green

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
6029060290 Skate Park20213
2132221322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay202016
4142141421 Baby Elephant Jungle Rescue20202
4142241422 Panda Jungle Tree House20204
4142341423 Tiger Hot Air Balloon Rescue20204
4142441424 Jungle Rescue Base20207
4143241432 Alpaca Mountain Jungle Rescue20202

  Part color Dark Tan

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7503775037 Battle on Saleucami20141
1023610236 Star Wars Ewok Village20138
58825882 Ambush Attack20121

  Part color Magenta

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
3046030460 Rex's Plantimal Ambush20191
7082670826 Rex's Rex-treme Offroader!20191
7083570835 Rex's Rexplorer!20191
7084770847 Good Morning Sparkle Babies!20191

  Part color Bright Light Orange

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7084770847 Good Morning Sparkle Babies!20191

  Part color Olive Green

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7517175171 Battle on Scarif20176
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