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Slope 45 6 x 4 Double / 33 (Train Roof)
Bricklink ID:13269
Weight:3.420 g

Sets with this part (from Bricklink)
  Part color White

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
6010960109 Fire Boat20162

  Part color Orange

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
6006260062 Arctic Icebreaker20142
6006460064 Arctic Supply Plane20141

  Part color Red

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
6037360373 Fire Rescue Boat20231
7061570615 Fire Mech20172
7608476084 The Ultimate Battle For Asgard20171

  Part color Blue

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
4175141751 Skate Park20232
6031760317 Police Chase at the Bank20221

  Part color Black

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7174271742 Overlord Dragon20211
7619576195 Spider-Man's Drone Duel20211
7690576905 Ford GT Heritage Edition and Bronco R20211
7171171711 Jay's Cyber Dragon20201
7171971719 Zane's Mino Creature20204
7616276162 Black Widow's Helicopter Chase20201
8001080010 Demon Bull King20202
8001180011 Red Son's Inferno Truck20202
8001680016 The Flaming Foundry20201
7042470424 Train20191
7067070670 Monastery of Spinjitzu20191
7610476104 The Hulkbuster Smash-Up20181
7611276112 App-Controlled Batmobile20183
7063270632 Quake Mech20171
7607876078 Hulk vs. Red Hulk20172
6011960119 Ferry20162
7060470604 Tiger Widow Island20161
6009660096 Deep Sea Operations Base20151
6005260052 Cargo Train20141
7016570165 Ultra Agents Mission HQ20141
1023310233 Horizon Express20132
7501875018 JEK-14’s Stealth Starfighter20131
7600876008 Iron Man vs The Mandarin: Ultimate Showdown20131

  Part color Lime

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7083570835 Rex's Rexplorer!20192
7593875938 T. rex vs Dino-Mech Battle20196

  Part color Dark Turquoise

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7174871748 Catamaran Sea Battle20211

  Part color Dark Blue

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
6027260272 Elite Police Boat Transport20201
7594075940 Gallimimus and Pteranodon-Breakout20202
7083570835 Rex's Rexplorer!20197
7612676126 Avengers Super Quin-Jet20191
7614476144 Hulk Helicopter Drop20191

  Part color Magenta

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7614976149 The Menace of Mysterio20201

  Part color Dark Green

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7607876078 Hulk vs. Red Hulk20173

  Part color Dark Bluish Gray

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7073570735 Ronin R.E.X.20151
7604176041 The Hydra Fortress Smash20151

  Part color Dark Purple

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
4116741167 Arendelle Castle20191

  Part color Bright Light Orange

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
6015960159 Jungle Halftrack Mission20171

  Part color Olive Green

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7601776017 Captain America vs. Hydra20141