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Part information

Bricklink ID:15403
Weight:0.940 g
Available colors:
Price (Bricklink)
Price (Bricklink)
Dark Red
Price (Bricklink)
Light Bluish Gray
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Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with Mini Blaster / Shooter


Sets with this part (from Bricklink)

  Part color White

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7058870588 Titanium Ninja Tumbler 20162
7104071040 Disney Castle20162
2112221122 The Nether Fortress20151
7016970169 Agent Stealth Patrol20152
7017070170 UltraCopter vs. AntiMatter20154
7073770737 Titan Mech Battle20152
7603776037 Rhino and Sandman Super Villain Team-up20154

  Part color Black

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7090970909 Batcave Break-In20174
7516075160 U-wing Fighter20172
7516175161 TIE Striker20172
7516375163 Krennic's Imperial Shuttle20172
7516475164 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack20171
7516575165 Imperial Trooper Battle Pack20172
3037130371 Knight's Cycle20162
3037330373 Knighton Hyper Cannon20162
7032770327 The King's Mech20162
7059270592 Salvage M.E.C.20162
7059370593 The Green NRG Dragon20162
7059470594 The Lighthouse Siege20161
7059670596 Samurai X Cave20162
7060370603 Raid Zeppelin20162
7060570605 Misfortune's Keep20162
7509875098 Assault on Hoth™20161
7512775127 The Ghost20161
7513075130 AT-DP20161
7513175131 Resistance Trooper Battle Pack20161
7513275132 First Order Battle Pack20161
7513375133 Rebel Alliance Battle Pack20161
7513875138 Hoth Attack20161
7514275142 Homing Spider Droid20161
7514975149 Resistance X-wing Fighter20162
7515175151 Clone Turbo Tank20163
7515875158 Rebel Combat Frigate20164
7604576045 Kryptonite Interception20162
7604776047 Black Panther Pursuit20162
7604876048 Iron Skull Sub Attack20164
7604976049 Avenjet Space Mission20162
7605176051 Super Hero Airport Battle20162
7605276052 Batman Classic TV Series Batcave20162
7605376053 Gotham City Cycle Chase20162
7605476054 Scarecrow: Fearful Harvest20164
7605676056 Rescue From Ra's Al Ghul20162
7605776057 Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle20162
7016670166 Spyclops Infiltration20152
7016870168 Drillex Diamond Job20152
7022670226 Mammoth's Frozen Stronghold20152
7073070730 Chain Cycle Ambush20152
7073270732 City of Stiix20156
7073870738 Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty20156
7075070750 Ninja DB X20152
7075470754 Jay's Electromech20152
7510075100 First Order Snowspeeder20151
7510275102 Poe's X-Wing Fighter20152
7510375103 First Order Transporter20152
7510675106 Imperial Assault Carrier20154
7602576025 Green Lantern vs. Sinestro20152
7602676026 Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas20152
7602776027 Black Manta Deep Sea Strike20152
7603076030 Avengers Hydra Showdown20151
7603176031 The Hulk Buster Smash20152
7603276032 The Avengers Quinjet City Chase20154
7603576035 Jokerland20152
7603676036 Carnage's SHIELD Sky Attack20152
7603876038 Attack on Avengers Tower20154
7604176041 The Hydra Fortress Smash20152

  Part color Dark Red

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7509975099 Rey's Speeder20152

  Part color Light Bluish Gray

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7090970909 Batcave Break-In20172
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