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Panel 1 x 2 x 3 - Hollow Studs


Sets with this part (from Bricklink)

  Part color White

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
1018410184 Town Plan20082
38303830 The Bikini Bottom Express20081
49974997 Transport Ferry20088
76797679 Fighter Tank TX 130S20082
77437743 Police Surveillance Car20081
81188118 Hybrid Rescue Tank20081
1018210182 Cafe Corner200720
49814981 Chum Bucket20071
79937993 Service Station20072
78947894 Airport20064
44114411 Blue Strata XXL20041
1002210022 Santa Fe Cars Set II20024
1002410024 Red Baron20022
58385838 Wicked Madam Frost20022
1000110001 Metroliner20011
1001910019 Tantive IV20014
65756575 Polar Base20001
71917191 X-wing Fighter20006
10291029 Tine Promotional Set: Milk Delivery Lorry (Truck)19992
21492149 Color Line Promotional Set: Cargo Truck19974
55615561 Big Foot 4x419972
18311831 MAERSK Promotional Set: Tractor-Trailer Truck19954

  Part color Yellow

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
1015910159 LEGO City Airport20042

  Part color Brown

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
44114411 Blue Strata XXL20041
47274727 Aragog in the Dark Forest20022
47074707 Hagrid's Hut20014

  Part color Light Gray

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
4679b-24679b-2 Free 500 LEGO Bricks (Bonus box and its contents only)20052
45384538 Special Edition20041
34333433 Ultimate NBA Arena20034
44824482 AT-TE20032
1003010030 Imperial Star Destroyer20022
47284728 Escape from Privet Drive20021
71427142 X-wing Fighter20021
71847184 Trade Federation MTT20001
71917191 X-wing Fighter20002
71407140 X-wing Fighter19991
59285928 Bi-Wing Baron19982

  Part color Dark Gray

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
4679b-24679b-2 Free 500 LEGO Bricks (Bonus box and its contents only)20053
45184518 Creator Value Pack20041
34323432 NBA Challenge20034
47294729 Dumbledore's Office20022
71447144 Slave I20004

  Part color Black

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
DKNinjagoDKNinjago Brickmaster Ninjago20112
89718971 Aerial Defence Unit20091
76687668 Rebel Scout Speeder20082
96999699 FIRST LEGO League Challenge 2008 - Climate Connections20082
7237-27237-2 Police Station20062
72377237 Police Base20052
1015710157 High Speed Train Locomotive20041
45184518 Creator Value Pack20041
47204720 Knockturn Alley20032
1020510205 My Own Train20022
37433743 My Own Train - Blue Kit20012
37443744 My Own Train - Green Kit20012
37453745 My Own Train - Black Kit20012
37463746 My Own Train - Brown Kit20012
37473747 My Own Train - Dark Grey Kit20012
65756575 Polar Base20002
64626462 Aerial Recovery19984

  Part color Trans-Black

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
76267626 Jungle Cutter20082
78977897 Passenger Train20064

  Part color Light Bluish Gray

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
1018810188 Death Star200819
76757675 AT-TE20082
86308630 Mission 3: Gold Hunt20082
1018310183 Hobby Train Set200716
77757775 Aquabase Invasion20072
79947994 Harbor20072
1017410174 Ultimate Collector's AT-ST20062
62116211 Imperial Star Destroyer20061
1015910159 LEGO City Airport20042
47574757 Hogwart's Castle20041

  Part color Reddish Brown

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
47574757 Hogwart's Castle20042
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