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Bricklink ID:2470
Weight:1.080 g
Available colors:
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Price (Bricklink)

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Wheel Wagon Small (27mm D.)


Sets with this part (from Bricklink)

  Part color Brown

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
12861286 Kabaya Promotional Set: Knights' Kingdom Cart20002
12881288 Kabaya Promotional Set: Knight's Kingdom Fire Cart20002
48074807 Fire Attack20002
48164816 Knight's Catapult20004
10991099 Ninja Blaster19992
11841184 Ninja Blaster19992
11861186 Mini Siege-Cart Ninja19992
12691269 White Ninja19992
30513051 Blaze Attack19992
30763076 Kabaya Promotional Set: White Ninja's Attack Cart19992
25382538 SHELL Promotional Set: Crossbow Flamer19982
25402540 SHELL Promotional Set: Fright Knights Catapult19982
30163016 Ninja Blaster19982
30183018 Mini Siege-Cart Ninja19982
60286028 Treasure Guard19982
60296029 Treasure Guard19982
60886088 Robber's Retreat19982
28892889 Treasure Cart19972
28912891 Wizard Trader19972
60046004 Crossbow Cart19972
60276027 Bat Lord's Catapult19972
67996799 Showdown Canyon19976
93769376 Castle Set19978
18431843 Space / Castle Value Pack19964
60796079 Dark Forest Fortress19962
17361736 Wizard's Cart19952
17461746 Wizard's Cart: Bagged19952
17121712 Crossbow Cart19942
17321732 Crossbow Cart19942
17941794 Unnamed19942
19061906 Majisto's Tower19942
19711971 Unnamed19934
60566056 Dragon Wagon19932
14631463 Treasure Cart19922
16951695 Treasure Cart - Boxed19922
60386038 Wolfpack Renegades19924
16801680 Crusader's Cart19902
18771877 Crusader's Cart19902
60426042 Dungeon Hunters19904
60396039 Twin Arm Launcher19884

  Part color Black

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
67626762 Fort Legoredo20022
47074707 Hagrid's Hut20012
11831183 Mummy19992
30213021 King Pharaoh the Third19982
32253225 Classic Train19982
67906790 Bandit's Wheel Gun19972
67916791 Bandit's Wheelgun19972
64046404 Carriage Ride19962
67166716 Weapons Wagon19964
67656765 Gold City Junction19964
67696769 Fort LEGOREDO19962
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