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Minifig  → Headgear Accessory

Part information

Bricklink ID:30090
Weight:0.220 g
Available colors:
Price (Bricklink)
Trans-Dark Blue
Price (Bricklink)
Trans-Light Blue
Price (Bricklink)

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Minifig, Visor Scuba Diver Mask


Sets with this part (from Bricklink)

  Part color Trans-Clear

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
53895389 Divers Accessories19981
17821782 Discovery Station19971
64416441 Deep Reef Refuge19972
64426442 Sting Ray Explorer19971
65556555 Sea Hunter19971
65576557 Treasure Hunters19971
65606560 Diving Expedition Explorer19971
65996599 Shark Attack19971

  Part color Trans-Dark Blue

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
33913391 Dash20031
1006710067 Mini-Fig Headgear20022
14251425 Dash Jet Sub20021
14261426 cam wing diver20021
47894789 AT Aquatic Mech20021
47904790 Alpha Team Robot Diver20021
47914791 Alpha Team Sub-Surface Scooter20021
47924792 Alpha Team Navigator and ROV20021
47944794 Alpha Team Command Patrol20021
47954795 Ogel Underwater Base and AT Sub20021
48004800 AT Jet Sub20021
64356435 Coast Guard HQ19991
25362536 SHELL Promotional Set: Water Jet19981
53895389 Divers Accessories19981
64516451 River Response19981
64626462 Aerial Recovery19981
64796479 Emergency Response Center19981
28712871 Diver & Shark19971
65566556 Scuba Squad19971
65586558 Shark Cage Cove19971
65596559 Deep Sea Bounty19971

  Part color Trans-Light Blue

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
6010660106 Fire Starter Set20161
6010960109 Fire Boat20161
50040775004077 Minifigure cube20151
6009060090 Deep Sea Scuba Scooter20151
6009160091 Deep Sea Starter Set20151
6009260092 Deep Sea Submarine20151
6009360093 Deep Sea Helicopter20151
6009560095 Deep Sea Exploration Vessel20152
6009660096 Deep Sea Operations Base20151
7602776027 Black Manta Deep Sea Strike20151
6001260012 4 x 4 & Diving Boat20131
6001360013 Coast Guard Helicopter20131
2020820208 The Dark Lair20121
4511045110 BuildToExpress Set20122
46444644 Marina20111
72877287 Police Boat20111
93489348 Community Minifigure Set20112
80788078 Portal Of Atlantis20101
8683-diver8683-diver Deep Sea Diver20101
93349334 Animals Set20101
42104210 Coast Guard Platform20081
77267726 Coast Guard Truck with Speed Boat20081
77377737 Coastguard 4WD & Jet Scooter20081
77397739 Coastguard Patrol Boat & Tower20081
86368636 Mission 7: Deep Sea Quest20081
77707770 Deep Sea Treasure Hunter20071
77717771 Angler Ambush20071
77727772 Lobster Strike20071
77737773 Tiger Shark Attack20071
77747774 Crab Crusher20071
77757775 Aquabase Invasion20072
77767776 The Shipwreck20071
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