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Part information

Bricklink ID:30332
Weight:1.830 g
Available colors:
Price (Bricklink)
Price (Bricklink)
Pearl Light Gray
Price (Bricklink)
Reddish Brown
Price (Bricklink)

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Propeller 3 Blade 9 Diameter


Sets with this part (from Bricklink)

  Part color Brown

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
74157415 Aero Nomad20031
74177417 Temple of Mount Everest20031
59355935 Island Hopper20002
49804980 Tunnel Transport19994

  Part color Black

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
6006760067 Police Helicopter20151
6006860068 Robber Swamp Hideout20152
6007060070 Water Plane Chase20151
6003460034 Arctic Helicrane20141
6004660046 Helicopter Surveillance20141
6006460064 Arctic Supply Plane20142
7072470724 NinjaCopter20142
7601176011 LEGO Batman: Man-Bat Attack20141
7601676016 Spider-Helicopter Rescue20142
7911779117 Turtle Lair Invasion20141
20004302000430 Identity and Landscape Kit20132
4200242002 Hovercraft20131
6001060010 Fire Helicopter20131
6001360013 Coast Guard Helicopter20131
6001560015 Coast Guard Plane20132
6001960019 Stunt Plane20131
7000670006 Cragger's Croc-Boat Headquarters20132
42094209 Fire Plane20122
58865886 T-Rex Hunter20121
58885888 Ocean Interceptor20122
94629462 Mummie20121
94679467 The Ghost Train20121
3001430014 Police Helicopter20111
36583658 Police Helicopter20111
73077307 Duel in the Air20111
32223222 Helicopter and Limousine20101
72067206 Fire Helicopter20101
76887688 LEGO Sports Plane20101
88998899 Gator Swamp20101
93359335 Space & Airport Set20102
71987198 Fighter Plane Attack20092
76437643 Air-show plane20091
76837683 Fight on the Flying Wing20092
89718971 Aerial Defence Unit20091
49004900 Fire Helicopter20081
76237623 Escape from the Temple20081
76287628 Peril in Peru20082
77237723 Police Water Plane20082
77347734 Cargo Plane20084
49914991 Police Helicopter20071
77867786 The Batcopter: The Chase for the Scarecrow20071
79447944 Fire Hovercraft20072
77827782 The Batwing™: The Joker's Aerial Assault20061
47784778 Biplane20051
72987298 Dino Air Tracker20051
74777477 T1 Typhoon vs. T-Rex20051
47484748 Ogel's Mountain Fortress20041
70447044 Rescue Chopper20041
79127912 Helicopter20041
74207420 Thunder Blazer20031
11491149 Air Police20021
14371437 Turbo Chopper20021
46134613 Turbo Chopper20021
46174617 Dual Prop Turbo20022
67766776 Ogel Control Center20011
13491349 LEGO Studios Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set20001

  Part color Pearl Light Gray

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
89688968 River Heist20091
86318631 Mission 1: Jetpack Pursuit20081
86378637 Volcano Base20082

  Part color Reddish Brown

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
72607260 Wookiee Catamaran20052
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