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Bricklink ID:3626bp69
Weight:0.540 g
Available colors:
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Minifig, Head Male Headset Over Smile, Red-Brown Hair & Eyebrows Pattern - Blocked Open Stud


Sets with this part (from Bricklink)

  Part color Yellow

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
72627262 TIE Fighter and Y-wing (TRU exclusive re-release)20041
1002910029 Lunar Lander20031
71527152 TIE-Darth Vader and Y-wing20021
13511351 Movie Backdrop Studio20011
13541354 Dino Head Attack20011
40604060 Grip20011
12941294 Kabaya Promotional Set: Fire Helicopter20001
13491349 LEGO Studios Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set20001
30593059 Mars Mission20001
34393439 SPYrunner20001
64776477 Firefighter's Lift Truck20001
64786478 Fire Station20001
11801180 Moon Buggy19991
11811181 Space Probe19991
12651265 Moon Buggy19991
12661266 Space Probe19991
30153015 Space Police Car19991
30663066 {Kabaya Promotional Set} Cosmos Glider19991
30683068 {Kabaya Promotional Set} Radar Buggy19991
30693069 {Kabaya Promotional Set} Cosmic Wing19991
64546454 Countdown Corner19991
64556455 Space Simulation Station19991
64576457 Astronaut Figure19991
64586458 Satellite with Astronaut19991
64636463 Lunar Rover19991
64656465 Space Port Jet19991
71507150 TIE Fighter19991
93719371 Town Vehicles19991
MaineMaine Maine Space Grant Consortium Promotional Astronaut Polybag19991
17371737 Scorpion Detector19961
68546854 Alien Fossilizer19961
68566856 Planetary Decoder19961
68996899 Nebula Outpost19961
69386938 Scorpion Detector19961
69586958 Android Base19961
69826982 Explorien Starship19961
17871787 Crater Cruiser19951
17891789 Star Hawk II19951
17931793 Space Station Zenon19951
61756175 Crystal Explorer Sub / Aquanaut DSRV II19951
61956195 Neptune Discovery Lab / Aqua Dome 719951
69916991 Monorail Transport Base19941
19161916 Starion Patrol19931
19691969 Mini Robot19931
68136813 Galactic Chief19931
68526852 Sonar Security19931
68976897 Rebel Hunter19921
69576957 Solar Snooper19921
69846984 Galactic Mediator19921
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