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Minifig  → Weapon

Part information

Bricklink ID:43899
Weight:0.850 g
Available colors:
Dark Gray
Price (Bricklink)
Medium Blue
Price (Bricklink)
Dark Bluish Gray
Price (Bricklink)
Light Bluish Gray
Price (Bricklink)

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Minifig, Weapon Pike with 4 Side Blades


Sets with this part (from Bricklink)

  Part color Dark Gray

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
74137413 Passage of Jun-Chi20032
74197419 Dragon Fortress20032

  Part color Medium Blue

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
47624762 Rescue from the Merpeople20051

  Part color Dark Bluish Gray

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
4510145101 StoryStarter expansion pack: Fairy Tale20155
7022670226 Mammoth's Frozen Stronghold20152
7073270732 City of Stiix20151
7074870748 Titanium Dragon20152
7015670156 Fire vs. Ice20141
7081070810 MetalBeard's Sea Cow20141
1093710937 Batman - Arkham Asylum Breakout20132
7010570105 Nest Dive20131
7901379013 Lake-town Chase20131
62936293 Furno20121
94469446 Destiny’s Bounty20121
94479447 Lasha's Bite Cycle20121
79467946 King's Castle20102
79477947 Prison Tower Rescue20101
70787078 King's Battle Chariot20093
70977097 Trolls' Mountain Fortress20091
852701852701 Troll Warrior Battle Pack20091
DKCastleDKCastle Brickmaster Castle20092
53725372 Skeleton Chariot20082
76217621 Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb20082
852272852272 Skeletons Battle Pack20081
70927092 Skeletons' Prison Carriage20073
70947094 King's Castle Siege20072
852293852293 Castle Giant Chess Set20072
88138813 Battle at the Pass20065
88228822 Gargoyle Bridge20061
88238823 Mistlands Tower20062
88018801 Knights' Attack Barge20052
88758875 King's Siege Tower20052
88768876 Scorpion Prison Cave20052
88778877 Vladek's Dark Fortress20055
87798779 The Grand Tournament20041
88008800 Vladek's Siege Engine20043

  Part color Light Bluish Gray

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
853373853373 LEGO Kingdoms Chess Set20122
25042504 Spinjitzu Dojo20111
25082508 Blacksmith Shop20111
25192519 Skeletal Bowling20112
70797079 Drawbridge Defense20092
70377037 Tower Raid20083
70387038 Troll Assault Wagon20082
70407040 Dwarves’ Mine Defender20081
70417041 Troll Battle Wheel20084
852271852271 Knights Battle Pack20081
852293852293 Castle Giant Chess Set20075
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