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Wedge 16 x 4 Triple Curved


Sets with this part (from Bricklink)

  Part color White

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
1026810268 Vestas Wind Turbine20183
7519175191 Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Booster Ring20171
94499449 Ultra Sonic Raider20121
1021510215 Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighter™20101
59835983 Undercover Cruiser20101
49994999 Vestas Windmill20083
76927692 MX-71 Recon Dropship20071
81068106 Aero Booster20073

  Part color Yellow

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
58885888 Ocean Interceptor20123

  Part color Orange

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7022470224 Tiger’s Mobile Command20151
6003460034 Arctic Helicrane20141
6006460064 Arctic Supply Plane20142
77057705 Gate Assault20064
77097709 Sentai Fortress200616

  Part color Red

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
80758075 Neptune Carrier20101
88638863 Blizzard's Peak20101

  Part color Blue

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7061470614 Lightning Jet20174
7508775087 Anakin's Custom Jedi Starfighter's20151
7601676016 Spider-Helicopter Rescue20141
70677067 Jet-Copter Encounter20111

  Part color Black

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7090970909 Batcave Break-In20172
7608776087 Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack20174
7059570595 Ultra Stealth Raider20161
7604876048 Iron Skull Sub Attack20162
7017070170 UltraCopter vs. AntiMatter20152
7501875018 JEK-14’s Stealth Starfighter20131
79157915 Imperial V-wing Starfighter20111
80588058 Guardian of the Deep20101
76447644 MX-81 Hypersonic Operations Aircraft20081
76467646 ETX Alien Infiltraitor20082
76727672 Rogue Shadow20082
77217721 Combat Crawler X220076
77877787 The Bat-Tank: The Riddler and Bane's Hideout20072
81048104 Shadow Crawler20073
77077707 Striking Venom20064
77137713 Bridge Walker and White Lightning20061
77797779 The Batman™ Dragster: Catwoman™ Pursuit20061
77807780 The Batboat™: Hunt for Killer Croc™20062
77827782 The Batwing™: The Joker's Aerial Assault20061
77847784 The Batmobile™: Ultimate Collectors' Edition20061
86248624 Race for the Mask of Life20064
88948894 Piraka Stronghold20062
44034403 Air Blazers20031
45134513 Grand Central Station20032

  Part color Sand Green

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7084070840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg!20195

  Part color Sand Blue

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
47434743 Ice Blade20041

  Part color Dark Red

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7073270732 City of Stiix20151
7073570735 Ronin R.E.X.20152
7014670146 Flying Phoenix Fire Temple20141
7500475004 Z-95 Headhunter20131
72987298 Dino Air Tracker20052
74777477 T1 Typhoon vs. T-Rex20052

  Part color Dark Blue

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
86368636 Mission 7: Deep Sea Quest20082

  Part color Dark Green

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
94989498 Saesee Tiin’s Starfighter20121
76837683 Fight on the Flying Wing20092

  Part color Dark Bluish Gray

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7104371043 Hogwarts Castle20184
58865886 T-Rex Hunter20121
95159515 Malevolence20121
7930-27930-2 Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship20111
80958095 General Grievous´ Starfighter.20101
76737673 Magna Droid Fighter20082
76807680 The Twilight20082
76567656 General Grievous™ Starfighter20073
76637663 Sith Infiltrator20071
77737773 Tiger Shark Attack20071
38293829 Fire Nation Ship20061
62086208 B-wing Fighter20061
88928892 Piraka Outpost20061
72577257 Ultimate Lightsaber Duel20053
79307930 Promotional Set20041

  Part color Light Bluish Gray

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7104071040 Disney Castle20166
86338633 Mission 4: Speedboat Rescue20082

  Part color Reddish Brown

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
79597959 Geonosian Starfighter20112

  Part color Bright Light Orange

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7012970129 Lavertus' Twin Blade20141
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