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Technic  → Connector

Part information

Bricklink ID:48723
Weight:0.500 g
Available colors:
Dark Bluish Gray
Price (Bricklink)
Light Bluish Gray
Price (Bricklink)
Reddish Brown
Price (Bricklink)
Pearl Gold
Price (Bricklink)

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Technic, Axle Connector Hub with 4 Bars


Sets with this part (from Bricklink)

  Part color Dark Bluish Gray

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
2130921309 NASA Apollo Saturn V20171
7515175151 Clone Turbo Tank20162
7605976059 Spider-Man: Doc Ock's Tentacle Trap20161
7013270132 Scorm's Scorpion Stinger20142
7601576015 Doc Ock Truck Heist20141
7001070010 The Lion CHI Temple20131
7040370403 Dragon Mountain20132
68736873 Spider-Man's Doc Ock Ambush20121
7930-27930-2 Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship20112
80988098 Clone Turbo Tank20102
76747674 V-19 Torrent20083
77397739 Coastguard Patrol Boat & Tower20081
76617661 Jedi Starfighter™ with Hyperdrive Booster Ring20076
77737773 Tiger Shark Attack20071
79307930 Promotional Set20042

  Part color Light Bluish Gray

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
48544854 Doc Ock's Bank Robbery20041
48554855 Spider-Man's Train Rescue20041
48564856 Doc Ock's Hideout20041
48574857 Doc Ock's Fusion Lab20041

  Part color Reddish Brown

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
7061870618 Destiny's Bounty20171
7062770627 Dragon's Forge20171
1072510725 Lost Temple20161
4117641176 The Secret Market Place20161
7059370593 The Green NRG Dragon20162
7582475824 Pig City Teardown20161
3020330203 Mini Golf20151
7041270412 Soldiers Fort20151
7014770147 Sir Fangar's Ice Fortress20141
7081070810 MetalBeard's Sea Cow20142
7081370813 Rescue Rainforcements20141
7901779017 The Battle of Five Armies20142
7901879018 The Lonely Mountain20141
1023610236 Star Wars Ewok Village20133
3026130261 Tonto's Campfire20131
7040470404 King's Castle20134
7900879008 Pirate Ship Ambush20131
7910979109 Colby City Showdown20132
7911079110 Silver Mine Shootout20132
94469446 Destiny’s Bounty20121
94669466 The Crazy Scientist & His Monster20121
94689468 Vampire Castle20121
22542254 Mountain Shrine20112
25072507 Fire Temple20113
41824182 The Cannibal Escape20112
41954195 Queen Anne's Revenge20111
71897189 Mill Village Raid20111
1021010210 Imperial Flagship20102
75727572 Quest Against Time20104
75947594 Woody's Round Up20101
79467946 King's Castle20103
79477947 Prison Tower Rescue20101
61926192 Pirate Building Set20091
61936193 Castle Building Set20091
62426242 Soldiers Fort20091
70797079 Drawbridge Defense20091
80388038 The Battle of Endor20092
70487048 Troll Warship20081
76247624 Jungle Duel20081
76287628 Peril in Peru20082
70367036 Dwarves' Mine20073
70917091 Knights' Catapult Defense20072
70937093 Skeleton Tower20071
38293829 Fire Nation Ship20061
88138813 Battle at the Pass20062
88218821 Rogue Knight Battleship20061
88228822 Gargoyle Bridge20061
88238823 Mistlands Tower20061
59945994 Catapult20051
70187018 Viking Ship challenges the Midgard Serpent20051
88768876 Scorpion Prison Cave20051
88778877 Vladek's Dark Fortress20051

  Part color Pearl Gold

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
4118441184 Aira's Air Ship and the Hunt for the Amulet20171
1025110251 Brick Bank20161
4106741067 Belle's Enchanted Castle20161
41914191 The Captains cabin20111
1021410214 Tower Bridge20102
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