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Bionicle Fist with Axle Hole


Sets with this part (from Bricklink)

  Part color White

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
71647164 Preston Stormer20101
75927592 Construct-a-Buzz20102
89768976 Metus20092
89828982 Strakk20092
89888988 Gelu20092

  Part color Tan

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
89838983 Vorox20092

  Part color Red

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
71167116 Tahu20102
71477147 XPlode20102
71587158 Furno Bike20102
71677167 William Furno20102
89788978 Skrall20092

  Part color Blue

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
71607160 Drop Ship20102
71697169 Mark Surge20102
89758975 Berix20092
89818981 Tarix20092
89938993 Kaxium V320094

  Part color Black

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
71707170 Jimi Stringer20101
7170-27170-2 1

  Part color Lime

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
71367136 Skrall20102
71657165 Natalie Breez20102
89868986 Vastus20092
89918991 Tuma20092

  Part color Medium Blue

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
89878987 Kiina20092

  Part color Dark Red

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
89848984 Stronius20092
89928992 Cendox V120092

  Part color Pearl Light Gray

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
71687168 Duncan Bulk20101

  Part color Dark Green

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
71177117 Gresh20102
89808980 Gresh20092

  Part color Dark Bluish Gray

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
71357135 Takanuva20102
71377137 Piraka20102
75917591 Construct-a-Zurg20102
89728972 Atakus20092
89858985 Ackar20092
89948994 Baranus V720092
89958995 Thornatus V920092
89968996 Skopio XV-120091

  Part color Bright Light Orange

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
71387138 Rahkshi20102
89738973 Raanu20092
89898989 Mata Nui20092
89968996 Skopio XV-120092
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