Minifigs List for user 263192631
LEGO hf001 Hero Factory Mini - Evo with Datapad 1 x hf001
LEGO hf003 Hero Factory Mini - Furno - Bright Light Blue Head 1 x hf003
LEGO hf004 Hero Factory Mini - Rocka - Pearl Dark Gray Armor 1 x hf004
LEGO hf007 Hero Factory Jumper 1 (Black Top / Lime Base) 1 x hf007
LEGO hf008 Hero Factory Jumper 2 (Black Top / Orange Base) 1 x hf008
LEGO hf013 Hero Factory Jumper 5 (Blue Top / Orange Base) 2 x hf013
LEGO hf017 Hero Factory Mini - Evo 1 x hf017
LEGO hf018 Hero Factory Mini - Stormer - Bright Light Blue Head 1 x hf018
LEGO hf019 Hero Factory Mini - Rocka - Flat Silver Armor 1 x hf019
LEGO hf020 Hero Factory Mini - Surge - Pearl Dark Gray Armor 1 x hf020
LEGO hf021 Hero Factory Mini - Furno - Blue Head 1 x hf021
LEGO min009 Steve 1 x min009
LEGO min010 Zombie 2 x min010
LEGO njo120 Krait 1 x njo120
LEGO njo121 Kai - Scabbard 1 x njo121
LEGO sw360 Battle Droid Pilot with Blue Torso with Tan Insignia and Straight Arm 1 x sw360
LEGO sw467 Battle Droid Dark Orange without Back Plate 1 x sw467
LEGO sw607 Snowspeeder Pilot (75074) 1 x sw607
LEGO sw608 Clone Pilot, Ep.3 with Open Helmet Yellow and Red Markings (75072) 1 x sw608