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"In a galaxy, far far away..." LEGO MOC Contest results

We have counted the voices of the recent "In a galaxy, far far away..." LEGO contest.

First place goes to Paul5_2_ with his "Crusader-Class_Corvette", - 44 votes.

The winner will receive 10221 - Super Star Destroyer, congratulations.


Coming in close with second place Dregant's "Prometheus", - 40 votes.

He will get LEGO 9493 - X-Wing Starfighter set.


Rounding out the top three is fianat's "Prometheus", - 38 votes.

Fianat will receive LEGO 9495 - Gold Leader's Y-Wing Starfighter set


All entries with appropriate number of votes could be seen here.

Contest sponsors.

Contest sponsor is KinderLux shop.

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