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Part information

Bricklink ID:4073
Weight:0.120 g
Available colors:
Price (Bricklink)
Price (Bricklink)
Price (Bricklink)
Price (Bricklink)
Price (Bricklink)
Price (Bricklink)
Price (Bricklink)
Price (Bricklink)
Light Gray
Price (Bricklink)
Dark Gray
Price (Bricklink)
Price (Bricklink)
Price (Bricklink)
Price (Bricklink)
Trans-Dark Blue
Price (Bricklink)
Trans-Light Blue
Price (Bricklink)
Trans-Neon Green
Price (Bricklink)
Price (Bricklink)
Trans-Neon Orange
Price (Bricklink)
Price (Bricklink)
Price (Bricklink)
Chrome Gold
Price (Bricklink)
Chrome Silver
Price (Bricklink)
Price (Bricklink)
Bright Green
Price (Bricklink)
Glow In Dark Opaque
Price (Bricklink)
Dark Pink
Price (Bricklink)
Sand Green
Price (Bricklink)
Trans-Dark Pink
Price (Bricklink)
Price (Bricklink)
Chrome Antique Brass
Price (Bricklink)
Dark Red
Price (Bricklink)
Dark Blue
Price (Bricklink)
Pearl Light Gray
Price (Bricklink)
Metallic Silver
Price (Bricklink)
Price (Bricklink)
Trans-Medium Blue
Price (Bricklink)
Medium Lime
Price (Bricklink)
Pearl Dark Gray
Price (Bricklink)
Dark Bluish Gray
Price (Bricklink)
Light Bluish Gray
Price (Bricklink)
Reddish Brown
Price (Bricklink)
Dark Purple
Price (Bricklink)
Flat Silver
Price (Bricklink)
Price (Bricklink)
Bright Pink
Price (Bricklink)
Trans-Bright Green
Price (Bricklink)
Pearl Gold
Price (Bricklink)
Trans-Neon Yellow
Price (Bricklink)
Medium Dark Flesh
Price (Bricklink)
Olive Green
Price (Bricklink)
Medium Azure
Price (Bricklink)
Yellowish Green
Price (Bricklink)
Glow in Dark White
Price (Bricklink)

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Plate, Round 1 x 1 Straight Side


Sets with this part (from Bricklink)

  Part color White

 Set nameRelease yearQuantity
2131621316 The Flintstones201910
3109731097 Townhouse Pet Shop & Café201922
4133741337 Underwater Loop20192
4136841368 Andrea's Talent Show201911
4137241372 Stephanie's Gymnastics Show20192
4137941379 Heartlake City Restaurant20193
4138041380 Lighthouse Rescue Centre20191
4138141381 Rescue Mission Boat20192
4138441384 Andrea's Summer Heart Box20191
4138541385 Emma's Summer Heart Box20191
4138641386 Stephanie's Summer Heart Box20191
4138741387 Olivia's Summer Heart Box20191
4138841388 Mia's Summer Heart Box20191
561909561909 Stephanie's Puppy Dash20191
6022260222 Snow Groomer201912
7066170661 Spinjitzu Zane20194
7083170831 Emmet's Dream House/Rescue Rocket!20193
7083770837 Shimmer & Shine Sparkle Spa!20192
7523675236 Duel on Starkiller Base20195
7524275242 Black Ace TIE Interceptor20194
1026810268 Vestas Wind Turbine20183
1040210402 Fun Future20181
1040510405 Mission to Mars20184
3054330543 Christmas Train20182
3107231072 Extreme Engines20182
3108031080 Modular Winter Lodge201812
3108131081 Modular Skate House20182
3108431084 Pirate Roller Coaster20186
40000264000026 LEGO House Tree of Creativity20181
4028140281 Surfer Dragon20182
4028740287 Sleigh20183
4029040290 60 Years of the LEGO Brick20183
4029140291 Creative Personalities20182
4030640306 LEGOLAND Castle20182
4034140341 Sea Accessories20181
4115141151 Mulan's Training Day20181
4115241152 Sleeping Beauty's Fairytale Castle20181
4115441154 Cinderella's Dream Castle20181
4119041190 Emily Jones' Eagle Escape20181
4132841328 Stephanie's Bedroom20181
4134341343 Heartlake City Airplane Tour20183
4134741347 Heartlake City Resort201811
4134841348 Service & Care Truck20181
4145241452 Prince Puppycorn Trike20181
4145541455 Unikingdom Creative Brick Box20181
4207542075 First Responder20184
4208342083 Bugatti Chiron20185
6019760197 Passenger Train20182
6019860198 Cargo Train20183
6020460204 Hospital20181
7063670636 Zane - Spinjitzu Master20182
7064370643 Temple of Resurrection20186
7065770657 Ninjago City Docks20181
7091970919 The Justice League Anniversary Party 20181
7104371043 Hogwarts Castle20186
7520175201 First Order AT-ST20181
7593275932 Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase 20181
7595475954 Hogwarts Great Hall20181
1025510255 Assembly Square20177
1025710257 Carousel201712
1070410704 Creative Box20176
2103621036 Arc De Triomphe201714
2112921129 Mushroom Island20176
2113021130 The Nether Railway201710
2113121131 The Ice Spikes20172
2113321133 Witch House20174