Toa Terrain Crawler

Item Number:8927
Pcs count:674
Figs count:10
Release year:2007
US price:$70.00 (0.10 $/pcs)
Russia Price:ք3919.00 (5.81 ք/pcs)
Full weight:1703 g (0.04 $/g)
Parts weight:880 g (0.08 $/g)
Dimensions:57 x 38.5 x 7 cm
Volume weight:3.07 kg
Barraki ambush! Returning from saving the Matoran of Mahri Nui in their Toa Terrain Crawler, the Toa Mahri are ambushed by the evil Barraki! Will the Toa Mahri survive or has their quest for the Mask of Life come to a horrible end? Toa Terrain Crawler has a Cordak blaster that really fires! Open the sides of the Toa Terrain Crawler to reveal the attack vehicle! Includes 6 miniature Toa Mahri and 4 miniature Barraki figures! Includes sea squids, solidified air spheres, glow-in-the-dark jellyfish and much more!

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